Do We Need This – Canny Pack

from Stone’s Facebook page

It has been awhile since the internet has provided a “Do We Need This” topic but thanks to Stone Brewing, we have one.

This Wookie Can sling (bandalero?) seems more fit for a beer geek walking into a wild west town of industrial water lager drinkers to teach them the true meaning of beer.  Maybe with Yul Brynner or young Clint Eastwood plus John Wayne.

But why not use the eminently re-usable plastic can seals that come when you buy a four or six pack.  Snap them onto the beers you want and you are ready to go.  Myself, I have a bag with little pockets for my beers that I use.  Either way, you will be able to carry more than this canny pack.

Needed? Not really, let’s use what we already have. 

2 Replies to “Do We Need This – Canny Pack”

  1. Definitely do not need, definitely would come in handy, haha. Although most places this would be useful would not allow you to bring in cans of beer or stash them in here for walking around. Sweet concept though.

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