Here in L.A., we are treated to the occasional DioNicEss events. Where gastronomy and beer meet. And they are back again for a Zombie themed evening that involves foodstuff’s that a zombie would enjoy and beer that I (and you) would enjoy.

“Also, we received commitment from another one of the breweries that will do a custom batch for the gig…Taps…so Victor will do one, the Bruery will, Monkish will, Beachwood will, and I believe Martin Svab’s brewery (Phantom Carriage) will be open by then and he wants to do a batch for us…wooohoooo!”

You can read the first press release about the event HERE

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  1. Excellent. If these custom beers come close to System of a Stout, then people are really in store for a great experience. Then again, the other Dionicess events worked out great without custom beers.

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