The current hot button word is defund. On its face, it sounds bad and is in fact inaccurate or misleading. In context, it means to use funds that were going to police to be spent elsewhere on programs for homelessness or mental issues, for example, so that the police can focus on their core competency of even making white men like me cross the street to avoid them because I am scared of them.

Wading into this is the Bronx Brewery with the following beer…

This was going to stir up a social media storm. Much like naming a beer “Wear a goddamm Mask” would. Mostly among those who want to annoyed and frustrated. Those who want to be given license by their ramp weary leader to vent their true hatred. Quick were the comments about losing business. But short were any true discussion, yet. Hopefully that will come later.

UPDATE – the brewery has sadly pulled the release of the beer due to death threats against employees. They will donate money to causes to further dialogue and change.