Craft Beer Cellar

Whilst perusing the People issue of All About Beer, I noticed a little throwaway line about a pair of entrepreneurs who have started a chain of craft beer bottle shops.  It said, that they were going national and one spot on the list was a little burg called Los Angeles.

And lo and behold it appears another bottle shop is headed our way….

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.22.07 AM

Craft Beer Cellar is primarily in Massachusetts but they are expanding outward.  And from what I have read are big on beer education.  Which was a theme of the people issue.  Which is why I think they will fit in with the likes of the other LA beer-lebrity from that issue, Ting Su of Eagle Rock.  What I especially like after reading a few of their blog posts is that they tell their opinion but also don’t take it as gospel.  They explain why they do things and that is that.  Love it.

I will update where they will be opening (Los Angeles could mean anywhere) and when (hopefully in 2015).

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