Concordia Cup

Old News to those in Portland, but I thought I would share this information from a great beer destination in Portland. (If you haven’t been during one of their blind tasting competitions then you have missed out)

Concordia Cup Results

“Deschutes Brewery Portland Pub – Hop Henge Experimental Batch #8 Wins Concordia Cup
Cam O’Connor Head Brewer at Deschutes Brewery Portland Pub has won this event three times in a row, winning the “Oregon Only” Imperial IPA Concordia Cup for three straight years, 2008, 2009, and 2010. He will captain the OREGON BEER BRAWL IV team at Concordia Ale House yet another time coming 02/2011.”

After 579 taster trays Hop Henge Experimental Batch #8 won by 6 votes over Hopworks Ace of Spades.

Blind Imperial IPA Tasting Results
1. Deschutes Brewery Portland Pub Hop Henge Experimental Batch #8
2. Hopworks Urban Brewery Ace of Spades
3. Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. Deadlift
4. Rogue Ales’s I2PA
5. Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom Molten Lava
6. Caldera Brewing Hopportunity Knocks
6. Ninkasi Brewing Co. Tricerahops

I have “only” had the Deadlift, Hopportunity Knocks and Tricerahops. Not bad for a LA based beer boy!