Coaster as Muse

L.A. Beer Week had it’s “soft” opening before festivities start later this month with the Coaster Show at La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Feliz.  This is the second year of this show and it is a showcase for weird, sexual, and some downright arresting images on the little circle of coaster space.  I highly suggest making the trip before the 20th when events start arriving at a furious pace.

Here are my top choices from what I saw amidst the crowds last night…..


I like the martini glass theme and the choices for famous faces with them.  Maybe a bit obvious but I think it works as a set.IMG_1622

This is sort of like Magritte meets fractals and nature.  I can’t explain why I like this but I do.  Oddly calming.IMG_1624

This is just a clever idea and I like bears so this makes me laugh on a couple levels.