Coastal Extreme Brewing

My trip around the country highlighting breweries from the comfort of the internet continues on to Rhode Island and Coastal Extreme.

What drew me to their brewery is their Cyclone series. This is what they say about “Cyclones are powerful, unique, and pass through quickly. We consider these beers “extreme”, because each one is either aggressively hopped, unusually flavorful, or high in alcohol, or has some combination of these characteristics. Each Cyclone is brewed with an original recipe for a less common beer style making them incredibly unique. They are then packaged into bottles only and shipped out in six packs. Since we are only making 1300 cases of each Cyclone, they do not last long. Also, just like the real storms that prowl the Atlantic each year, these beers are named with human names, starting with Alyssa, and continuing alphabetically from there.”

Yet another cool twist that you only find at smaller craft brewers who care!