Clean Water makes Clean Beer

In general, I am apathetic to politics. There is a lot of anger and vitriol but not much actually getting something done that keeps this country progressing. Even something as needed as infrastructure can’t get done and don’t get me started on this country’ s health care.

But the further downstream (the pun will arrive later) you go, the more an individual can make a mark or at least have their voice added to the yea or nay column.

One concrete way to act is to read the 2015 Clean Water Rule. A rule that clarified which headwaters and wetlands would be under the protection of the Clean Water Act. Then adding your public comment by clicking on this LINK and saying your piece.

The extremist anti-environment and extremist pro any business EPA chief Scott Pruitt wants to roll back the Obama era rule because, well, any clean water seems to be an affront to him. Granted, farmers and ranchers need help as well but there has to be a way to keep water clean AND have people farm too.

The EPA has extended the public comment period on the repeal proposal to the Clean Water Rule to September 27.