Central Coast 2021 – Final Thoughts

Except for forgetting a four-pack of beer at the hotel upon checking out, this was a great trip. Thanks to the presence and personal preference of my Mom, more wine was had than on past trips which was fun because I got to play the newbie again and just enjoy each glass as opposed to analyzing each beer that comes my way.

Getting to sample a vertical flight of four Anniversary beers from Firestone Walker was great. 24 was my favorite so I will be wanting to revisit that one alongside 25 again.

Of the breweries tasted, Wild Fields was my number 1. My flight was solid up and down. There Does Not Exist was second if just talking about beer and style scope. Silva Brewing’s Rhinestone Red was great but there hours were limited so that made that the only beer.

Both California Coast and Hog Canyon need time to grow and I am excited to try the eponymously names Paso Robles brewing to arrive.