CCBA @ Home

Since my social media-ing takes a back seat to life and my blog, I miss out on blink or you’ll miss it deals. But, for once, I did not and was one of a mere 500 to purchase the California Craft Brewers Association “at home” beer box which is the stand in for the annual conference.

No matter the beers inside, this was an excellent overall shopping experience. Easy to navigate. Informative emails. The CCBA laid out what was going to happen, and then did it. One package held the goodies above and then came the beer..

…8 total. The three above being my most looked forward to. It came in a HUGE box. I thought to myself, packaging overkill and groaned. But inside was a nice surprise. The beers were inside a compostable cooler from Vericool. Instead of bubble wrap, there was an environmentally friendly, not styrofoam padding that apparently dissolves in water and the rest of the box is recyclable.

Very impressive.

The last piece of the puzzle are a series of videos about the beers. I am looking forward to watching those as I drink the beers.