Four Years of Past Anchor Christmas Beers

Time to snap our fingers and enter the Tardis to try (4) of Anchor Brewing’s past Merry Christmas Ales.


Lots of gunk at the bottom of the bottle. Has the makings of a little sour barleywine.  Cherry flavor note and a Port sorta nose to it make this interesting but it certainlyturneda corner into bad territory.  This is pretty close to just needing a few ounces to get the full picture. 


ABV jumps a full percentage point from 5.5% in 2015 to 6.5% this year. Poursa bit darker to me as well. Little more tree spice here that I am used to from this beer but I like it that way. The sour turn is beginning to show but this is a much more full beer caught in the nick of time. 


Nice woodsy aroma upon opening the bottle.  Faint hit of chocolate and spice in the first sip.  Nice amount of bitterness too. The espresso lacing on the side is quite pretty as well. Gettin a slight barleywine note in the background. 


Smoother. Less jagged edges to this year with the red banded label.  Malt lead close to a porter feel. Pours a garnet color. A little bit of a fruit taste. Leaning to cherry. Oddly this seems to have aged worse than the previous two years. Feeling like it is going to tip into sour soon. 

Distance Christmas Beer # 17 – Three Ryes Men from Reubens Brews

Next up on our winter brew sleigh ride is another Three beer. Three Ryes Men from Reuben’s Brews in Washington State. Described as “a liquified rolo. Three Ryes Men is a barleywine brewed with multiple types of rye and aged in whiskey barrels, featuring a full body with malt driven caramel and chocolate notes, and layers of warming complexity. Three Ryes Men won the bronze medal for barleywine at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival.”

A Beer & A Podcast- The Christmas Podcasts Podcast

I like me some Christmas and I really need it this year but I would never think to listen to a Christmas based podcast. But, if you want to get really meta and listen to a podcast about other podcasts and those podcasts are Christmas themed then the aptly named Christmas Podcasts Podcast will give you your fill of Santa.

Obviously two California Ur Holiday seasonals should be the choice here. Get an Anchor and a Sierra Nevada Christmas beer and find some cheer in a very bad year.