Guest Review – Requiem Espresso Stout

Because I am not a huge dark beer fan, I occasionally have my Defense Against Dark beers reviewer give the lowdown on new or classic beers that I normally don’t drink.

Technically not called a Christmas Holiday beer. More Edgar Allen Poe and Halloween. But this espresso stout would be great this time of year.

Here is the latest installment…
“I tried out the Requiem Espresso Stout. Looks like a stout, very dark, not a lot of head, but the taste is very light and bright for a stout. Definitely get the coffee and there’s almost a cinnamon taste there too. It does not have the heaviness of taste that typifies most stouts. This is not a bad thing, its just different and a little surprising. If you were trying to get someone to like darker beers and they were already a coffee fan this might be a great bridge beer.

Paired it with pan sauteed green beans and pine nuts topped with feta cheese. Somehow the pairing worked, don’t ask me how.”

Review of Older Viscosity

The Defense against the Dark Beer reviewer tested a bottle from Port Brewing.

12% abv 12 oz bottle
Old viscosity aged on bourbon barrels. Super dark in color, no head. Smells like booze not beer. Tastes the same. It’s smooth but it has lost all the beer qualities in the bourbon. I’d much rather have a special old engine oil.
It holds the balance between the two better.