Canned Gose

One of the great sites on the beer interwebs is CraftCans.  From time to time, I check out their site and a few weeks back, I did and ran across two unique beers.

First up is a Gose, the old German style brewed with salt that us wily Americans have grabbed and then re-configured in the way we do.  It comes from Westbrook Brewing in South Carolina.  The can design utilizes simple design elements and a minimum of colors but is very effective.


Now if I only knew someone in South Carolina.

Stupid Sexy Flanders

You could, conceivably, chill this Simpsonian homage /  Sun King beer with the TurboCool.  It comes in the really cool 16oz Alumitech cans with the twist off cap.

Alumi-Tek 538b_f rev3

“Our traditional Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin is fermented with wild yeasts, Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces, which impart tart cherry flavors to glance the malt sweetness.”


I saw this on the Craft Cans Facebook page and thought it might be of interest to craft beer fans now that more and more beer comes canned.

First, a warning, look past the horrible, horrible brands of beer in this video.  It will only make you weep and not see the Kickstarter project correctly.  Just imagine your favorite Golden Road beer just arrived at home from Trader Joe’s (who doesn’t refrigerate, boo!) (great price though).  You want your Point the Way IPA.  But it is at best lukewarm.  How about using TurboCool

Canning at the Pizza Port

If you are a Pizza Port and Port Brewing fan then you will like hearing that they have another location in the works (oh and they will be canning some beer there too)

It is in Bressi Ranch, which I am not familiar with but that is beside the point, there is time lapse video to be watched with quirky music……

Variety is the….

Looks like Colorado has mixed-variety packs on the mind as both Oskar Blues (cans) and Odell’s (bottles) are releasing sets. Maybe Strand (bottles) and Golden Road (cans) can do the same thing here in L.A.

“Four Dale’s Pale Ales, four Mama’s Little Yella Pils and four Old Chub Scotch Ales will fill the colorful CANundrum box with craft beer goodness. CANundrum gives canned craft beer drinkers an easy way to pack in the big three Oskar Blues brews at the lake, trailside or music festivals this summer.”


“The brewery plans to issue three different versions of Montage mirroring its seasonal release schedule. Each edition of the variety pack will include brewery favorites 90 Shilling and IPA, the current seasonal offering as well as a new limited release pilot system inspired brew.”

Review – Sculpin (in cans)

My bier buddy Richard aka Cap’n, recently went to San Diego and he brought back the new, canned version of the iconic Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point.


Here is what I found when I opened the cans….

Pours a lovely orange color.  I am a little dubious about the variety of fruits listed on the label but I am surprised to get quite a bit of apricot balanced out by a charming hit of hops.  The bitterness isn’t super big but it adds a nice punch akin to sea salt too caramel.  Just tastes more frutier than I remember and I like it.

And here is the website info from the brewer, “The Sculpin is a testament to our humble beginnings as Home Brew Mart. It showcases bright flavors and aromas of apricot, peach, mango & lemon. The lighter body also brings out the crispness of the hops.”

I love Bacon but…

“Why mess with perfection? Why not? We took the time-tested recipe for Dale’s Pale Ale and added something special into the mix. Using a process we call Ba-CAN-ation we’ve brewed up a batch of our Dale’s Pale Ale with the addition of over 40 pounds of premium Colorado bacon. A little smoky, a lot hoppy, and altogether unique and delicious. Once you’ve given this a try you may never again feel the same about getting your Vitamin B from any other source but from your beer!

image from Craft
image from Craft

I fervently hope that this beer was a one off or April Fool.  I love bacon as much as the next bacon lover but this American fascination with pork needs to stop at breakfast.  And this coming from a person who doesn’t want to restrict brewers at all.

Canfest 2013


Last year my good buddy Mike won this contest the year after I did and now the FOURTH year of the epic Beer Blogger Contest is now a GO.

And now YOU can win!  And what you win is “a free trip to the 5th annual CANFEST on August 24th just for writing a blog post. We pay for plane, CANFEST tickets, food, hotel, and will pick you up in a limo.”

Of course there are rules……

1.      Write an original blog post about one or more of the following:
– Why canned beer is awesome
– Why you deserve to come to CANFEST
– What you would do in Reno with canned beer

2.      It has to feature a link to the CANFEST website,, and the CANFEST Facebook,

3.      Be hosted on an established blog; meaning you didn’t just throw up a WordPress site to enter the contest.

“Creativity is good. We’re fans of fun, silly antics, and photos.
Please email it to us NO LATER THAN 5PM PST ON MAY 31, 2013. Entries can be submitted to (so can questions about the contest).

We are going to compile them in an online voting tool where the most voted on entry will win the prize. Simple as that.”

Good Luck!

Review – Hangar 24 Helles Lager

Today’s review is of a beer that I have had a few times before from the rapidly expanding brewery from Redlands, Hangar 24. Now they are known in the beer geek circles for their Barrel Roll series and their flagship Orange Wheat, but for daily drinking (a table beer as it were) there is no match for their Helles lager. And it is now in cans and due for a re-review.
It pours a light straw color. The aroma isn’t pungent or grab you at all but then you take a sip and it is a solid mix of carbonation, silky smoothness with a touch of sweetness. It isn’t dry but it doesn’t have the cloying Sugar Pop sweetness that you get from the B-M-C industrial water lagers. It is filling and tasty and right for the Helles style.
Now is this beer gonna blow you away? Does it have a big hop presence? Or a big ABV to it? Nope. But if you review it for what it is, then you will see what a good job Hangar does with it. The same could be said of their Alt-Bier as well. A style forgotten by the current craft beer culture but is solid nonetheless. I highly recommend having a case of this around. It is perfect to wean people off mass produced beer but still tasty enough for the discerning craft drinker.