Business Tutorial – Lagunitas

Tony  Magee from Lagunitas Brewing is pretty darn outspoken.  Be it in book form (So You Want to Start a Brewery?) or in Twitter form.

Now he has a place inbetween those vastly different letter counts with a LagunitasT Tumblr site.

With the heady title of Fermenting Ideas of Order, you get a peek into the thoughts of the Petaluma, Chicago and future Azusa locations of Lagunitas.

Will you agree with everything?  I don’t.  I found the whole IPA design trademark a bit off-putting but all I have to do is read the first sentence of the first blog post to see that I will probably agree with him more than not.

“The Future will not be like the past.”

Keep that zen koan in mind as craft beer grows.  And book mark that Tumblr site too.