BrewDogs – Season 2


If you were a fan of Season 1 of BrewDogs then you will be quite happy with the first episode of season 2. You have a great brewery to get to know in Fullsteam. With their motto of Plow to Pint.  You have a great location craft beer in North Carolina (curiously not Asheville though). And a beer that will require working out after drinking it.

But for me, that pales in comparison to the two reasons why I enjoyed the Yahoo Sneak Peek. Bacon and Pie. Of all the segments of the show, I love the food pairing the most. And right off the bat, they mix beer with my favorite dessert, pie. Toss in that the baker at Scratch Bakery,Phoebe Lawless, is not a beer geek and the task for Martin and James becomes a challenge. And they relish a challenge. The pies looked awesome. More so than the beers. It made me wish that I was in the bakery when they were filming.

Second was the bacon. Beer brined bacon! That was then added to the beer! Fat and all. And from a local artisan no less. Again, I was suddenly hungry for bacon.  The theme of the beer was most caloric hence the bacon and the maple syrup.  A true breakfast beer.

Though I am amped for the LA episode. This was a rollicking good start.

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  1. Martin and James are entertaining ambassadors for craft beer, and it doesn’t bother me that some of their stunts are so outlandish. After all, TV is about entertainment first, and education second, though the show does have some good educational moments/graphics as well.

  2. I don’t mind the stunts, I’m sure other people love them but I find the educational aspects stick with me longer.

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