Breakside + Hop & Vine =

I admit it. I watch the Portland scene with afar with a little jealousy. Not that LA is bad right now, far from it. But I do see beers and events pass by that I would so love to try and attend.

Thankfully, my mom is up there and every once in awhile, she will search out a rare beer for me. Last month she got me Roses on Roses from Fort George and this month, I have asked her to be on the lookout for this Berliner Weisse. And by on the look out, I mean go to Burnside Brewing and/or Hop and Vine to grab a bottle.

Because the southland summer approaches and I need a stock of quenchers to get me through the non-big beer season. And this collaboration between brewer (Burnside) and craft beer shoppe (Hop and Vine) would fit the bill.