Both R&D

LA has been getting a nice steady stream of Ninkasi beers (still have to try Hop Cooler) and now two more rare beers might be on the way from the R&D (Rare & Delicious) series…
# 1 – “Velocihoptor Double IPA is the first Rare & Delicious Series beer to be released. Created by Ninkasi brewer Jacob Schisel, the recipe for Velocihoptor was developed as a tribute to a dear hop-loving friend. Brewed with Meridian, Centennial, Simcoe, Columbus, Bravo, and Sterling hops, this beer has a larger-than-life hop profile. Resinous and citrusy, Velocihoptor captures the most loved characteristics of the Double IPA style.”

# 2 – “Next in line is a Tart & Soul Blackberry Sour releasing to shelves and draft late March. For the past three months, members of Ninkasi’s brewing team have tinkered with a variety of fruit sours and landed on a blend of blackberry and marionberry for this springtime release. Paired with a dry tartness imparted by the lactobacillus souring process, the subtle blackberry sweetness shines through, creating a sour beer that is both bright and tart.”