Book Review – Beeronomics

I went on a little Kindle reading spree and this is the first book (on sale!) that I read, Beeronomics: How Beer Explains the World by Devin Briski and Johan Swinnen.

I went through this book on Kindle fairly quickly which is a good sign for a history focused book. History can easily become deathly dull.

But overall, despite some nuggets of new facts, this book is a bit too scattershot for me. I think I would have rather read a deep dive on the history of Gruit taxes or more content on the Eastern European breweries before and after communist rule.

As it were, when the topic of SABInBev came up, I wanted to read Dethroning the King again rather than the shortened chapter given to it in the book.

As a beer book completist, it was good to fill in the gaps but I wanted more.