Biggest Little Farm

If you are wondering if ended up on a different blog because of the image above, rest assured, you have not. Farming is obviously and integral part of beer. Beer requires the extensive knowledge of hop and malt farmers to be able to create the myriad of beer styles out there. But most, and I include myself in that most, do not understand a lick about farming and how hard it is and how much harder it may well be.

The Biggest Little Farm does not have hops or malt (maybe later) but it expertly shows the interplay of the land, the animals and the people. Bugs chewing up plants, find an animal that eats that bug and you have a natural solution. The fact that the Apricot Lane farm has been able to succeed is amazing which is kinda sad because we will probably need more farms like this to truly keep farming around in a more sustainable way.

I highly recommend renting (buying) this movie. Maybe find a fresh hop ale to go with it.