Best Facilities Award – Winter 2018

I have waxed rhapsodic about the well curated taproom of Dry River Brewing before. It has a steampunk meets old-timely barn vibe that makes the small space seem lived in and welcoming. But what is even better is that the bathroom continues that decorating theme.

Most beer facilities are utilitarian. Keeping them clean is the basic goal which means spartan decor that is easy to clean and stock with supplies. But DRB has a bathroom that is stocked with little tchotchkes and art as well as a bowl of “something” that I assume is what makes it smell so good. There are local L.A. growlers on a high shelf. All of it takes your mind off the business at hand.

Why post about it? Well, I believe that breweries and bars can do a lot better with their bathrooms. Make them fun and architecturally inventive. Add artwork of bears with beer. Beer people are forced by nature to spend plenty of time in the loo, so make it fun!