Best Beers of July 2022

With all due respect to the beers that I had during the other three weeks of July, the beers tasted in Portland were the clear frontrunners.

From the three (yes, three) Grodziskies that I had to the retro All Cascade IPA at Assembly Brewing, the Best of July was picking from one week.

Tied for second for me were the two beers at brand new Living Haus including this tangerine bomb done with Great Notion, Little Haus of Horrors.

One of the juiciest beers I have encountered that also steps aside to be a big burly Imperial IPA.

But the winner was a can picked at random from a line-up of Rosenstadt beers at a tiny gourmet market near Mt. Tabor. Houblon, a French-style pilsner was just perfect. Crisp and hoppy, just a lively fun beer that made me wish I had bought all of their beers.

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