Berliner Weisse review – Heretic Tartuffe

I was inspired to review this style of beer by the Unity 2012 beer that Eagle Rock brewed for L.A. Beer Week this year. And because I have seen a mini-flurry of the style resurfacing at pubs and bars. So first up is Heretic Brewing and Tartuffe….

Here is the website description from Heretic, “A tartuffe (tar-TOOF) is a hypocrite who feigns religious virtue. Heretic’s Tartuffe is our take on a Berliner Weisse-style ale. Our head brewer has a thing for this beer style. He loves the tart, refreshing character that comes from using lots of wheat malt and a multi-day sour mash. Try it by itself or mit schuss, the traditional German addition of raspberry or woodruff syrup. Either way, enjoying life is a true virtue.”