Beer Thug

I have to admit that I have never heard of BeerThugLife until I saw this PIECE in the L.A. Times. As I read the article, I was torn about it. I bet I would like Edgar Preciado as many people say they do and I like that the paper is highlighting people that don’t fit the stereotypical independent beer fan (i.e. me).

But man I am not a fan of the whole “chug it” mindset even for humor, or to make a point. Granted it is probably better than turning the can into trades across the country but I see it as such a waste of both time (waiting in line and later filming and uploading) as well as just not appreciating the beer. And how is one chug any different from the other? Not my type of entertainment and it is telling that that type of video is what gets a response on social media.

On the other hand, if it gets a new crowd into craft beer then I an easily live with it and if Preciado can leverage this into being able to bring a brewery to an area of L.A. that is under-served, then more power to him. I will certainly write about his brewery, I just won’t chug. His beers and all beers deserve more than that.