Beer or Wine with your Cheese?

This Wednesday, March 20th from 7pm-9pm over at the Colorado Wine Company you can test the theory of beer pairing at “WINE vs BEER: A Battle for Cheese’s Hand in Marriage”

Here is the information you need to know: “It has long been understood that wine was the ultimate beverage companion to fine cheeses.  But then these beer geeks came along and claimed that beer was the better pairing for fine cheeses.
As many of you know, we have both a wine store (Colorado Wine) and a beer store (Sunset Beer Company) and we sell both at both stores so we really have one foot in each camp.  Or two feet in two camps.  We like to drink.

Anyway, while it may be true that it all depends on which cheese you’re pairing, we’re going to go ahead and claim that there can be only one and only YOU can decide.  We like conflict.  Two beverages enter….ONE beverage leaves.  That sorta thing.

Join us Wednesday night 3/20, 7-9 pm and decide for yourself. Decide for us.  Decide for all of humanity.

The beer + cheese flight:  4 beers paired with 4 gourmet cheeses and sides,


The wine + cheese flight:  4 wines paired with 4 gourmet cheeses and sides,

The combo: (2 wines and 2 beers of your choice from the flights)

Choose among any of these for $15!  The cheeses alone, as you regulars know, are worth coming for.  We source our cheeses from the same great importer as Nicole’s and the best gourmet shops in LA.”