Beer Discovery Tasting – 2.0

Beer & Desserts! It’s true it works! My test subjects all agreed that it tasted great. Thanks to all who came over and tried out three brews that you should try for dessert.

First off, was Briem 1809 Berliner Weisse either without or with raspberry syrup. Very acidic. Cloudy. Nice and tart. For a delicate beer it traveled well. With berry syrup not so good to my palate. I had hoped to get some woodruff syrup to try as well but I was denied. But the sour went really well with the buttery shortbread and I imagine would be awesome with a good cupcake or cheesecake.

Second, Ephemere from Unibroue. Really nice apple taste and smell. Light and refreshing and oh so very easy to drink. Also poured a little hazy. Paired with gruyere and gouda cheese. Would be great with a fondue.

Finally, what the crowds were most curious about, the beer float! Two options were made available. HUB Survival 7-Grain Stout or Maui Coconut Porter. Both were delicious but the crowd response for the coffee taste of the HUB was overwhelming. A great full bodied Stout with low alcohol but loads of taste. Smells like roasted coffee. Jet black color. The coconut porter worked well too and would probably taste better with chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla.