Beer Camp to Pitch Beer Tents in L.A.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is bringing their Camp of Beer to LA next year. They recently announced their 2nd Beer Camp Across America (BCAA) 2016 festival tour and Los Angeles is on the six city list. Scheduled on Saturday, June 25th, 2016.
Line-Up and ticket information will be fleshed out next year but look for locals and close to L.A. breweries such as:

· Beachwood BBQ & Brewing
· Port Brewing Co./The Lost Abbey
· Bagby Beer Co.
· Societe Brewing Co.
· Smog City Brewing Co.

2 Replies to “Beer Camp to Pitch Beer Tents in L.A.”

  1. Will this be a part of LA Beer Week? Will this potentially conflict with the LA Beer Week Kickoff Festival? Are LA Beer Week 2016 dates even set yet?

  2. All good questions. It might end up being one of the many events in 2016 and I doubt there will be a conflict with the main Brewer’s Guild festival and no, the dates are not set as far as I know. Though June is probably where it will land.

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