Beer, Blazers, basketball

It has been eons since I last saw a Portland Trailblazer game. But this year, as a birthday present for myself, I saw Lillard & McCollum and the new crew take on the Utah Jazz at Moda Center (for how long that name will last is anybody’s guess).

Before the confetti fell on a hard fought 115-111 win, I had a 10 Barrel beer (Riding Solo) in the first half and a Laurelwood beer (Project Pale) in the second.
The Moda Center has a plethora of beer choices. 10 Barrel (with Bud help, I have to assume) has commandeered the Pines bar on the 3rd level but Laurelwood has cart in multiple spots, there is a huge Pyramid bar plus Widmer is easy to find as well.

$9.75 is a stiff cost for a beer when most in Portland set you back 4 to 5 but it is a typical to low end of the captive customer cost.
You can always take the Max to Dr. Jack’s to get some beer and food or head to Upright Brewing nearby too. And that is just within a block or two. Expand out to five or six and the choices grow even more.