Beer (actually) on TV?

During a recent stay in a home outfitted with this newfangled invention called “cable tv”, I watched a lot of both American Pickers and The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Those were the good shows.

Why you ask?

Because the people doing the shows or being interviewed CARED about what they were talking about passionately. Forget the shows with people yelling at each other. Or the shows that purport to be “real”. Take your competition shows and stick them… OK you get my point.

So I was cautiously optimistic about the Discovery Network show which was to have Sam Calagione hosting. Unfortunately, just as the show was announced another announcement came out which lowered my expectations. Who knows how the show will look or if it will even make it to air.

Now there are supposedly two more beer shows in the works. One a quasi competition/historical brew show on the History Network..

And another tuned to the travel edge on the Food Network…
foodnetwork logo

Which will succeed? I will be able to tell you after five minutes. The one with passion.