Badgers in Cans


This post isn’t to hammer home the point that beer in cans is growing and that practically any beer can be canned.  Nor will I be making any Packer Cheesehead jokes.  Nope, this is a quick post about the design of the cans from Badger State Brewing.

This is a perfect example of being not only consistent but inventive as well.  Most cans don’t truly utilize the background to the full potential without overwhelming the beer purchaser with too much twee detail.  These three designs are simple but bright and bold and for once, the background is what draws the eye in first.  Be it the plaid, the green stripes or the picnic checkerboard, all three really pop.  And that choice for background allows the main badge detail to be set-up in the same arrangement without getting boring.  The two elements really play off the other well.

Though I wouldn’t ever trust a badger with an axe.