Angel City – New Look Labels

Angel City has been quietly plugging away in the background of the Los Angeles scene. Sure they have been at the L.A. Beer Week and other events and you can find their beer especially downtown. But the tap room is still in process and the beers and the beer names were in R&D for awhile.

But now, here are some label images for what you will be seeing on store shelves….

I like that they are evoking the grand movie palaces of downtown with these looks. It ties in with the Hollywood theme and plays nicely with the Angel City logo. All of a retro L.A. Noir piece but with room to grow and be creative.

2 Replies to “Angel City – New Look Labels”

  1. Just catching up on some blog reading on my day off today. Can’t believe I haven’t seen these labels yet – they are amazing!

    I live across the street from the Orpheum Theatre and the Eastern Columbia building and these labels make me feel like I’m looking out right out my window

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