An Anniversary Weekender in Burbank

From Saturday, April 13th all the way through to Sunday, April 14th: Tony’s Darts Away will be celebrating what they are dubbing the 3rd Anniversary Weekender!

Here is the pertinent information to get you started, “On Saturday April 13 and Sunday April 14 our place will be open regular hours, starting with Randy’s Best of Breakfast dishes at 10 AM followed by ongoing tappings of our most interesting and highly sought after beers every 60-90 minutes until 7PM. We will be open until 2 AM as usual and will have lunch and dinner specials on as well. There is no required entrance fee, but for $15 we are offering a special Dart Glass plus a fill of a yet to be announced specialty beer! Additionally, this glass entitles you to try specialty tappings a full 30 minutes before they are available to the public.”

Follow the event over on the Facebook HERE.