Alvarado Street and Western Avenue

One of the poppin’ popular breweries in California is Alvarado Street. You usually only see them in LA in collab form or at fancy festivals but Southland Beer will have a bevy of beers from them on tap on the 18th of the month.

Starting at 1pm you will see….
Mai Tai PA – Tropical West Coast IPA
Peninsula Pilsner
Minesweeper – West Coast IPA
38 Miles – Hazy American Pale Ale (collab with Sante Adarius)
Mangonada – Mango Kettle Sour
Spooky Juice -Hazy DIPA
Partying is Tight – Hazy DIPA (collab with Humble Sea)
Naughty By Nectar – Imperial Kettle Sour with Nectarines
Wyld Stallions – Hazy West Coast IPA (collab with Amplified Ale Works)

Four packs of cans for sale to go will also be available.