Advent All Year

Well, I don’t quite know what else to call this cool gift idea for the beer geek in your life from the Case For Beer. It literally is like an advent calendar but in the shape of a box built for beer bottles. Open one a day or invite 23 people over and let them all (plus you) pick a number and see what everyone gets.

The moniker Flight Pack is cool and I like the aeronautic theme but who is going to compare and contrast 24 beers? And in this beer litigious age, won’t Hangar 24 sue?

My second question is, how expensive a gift is this? If you got 24 $5.00 bottles that is $120.00. Even at $3.00 it is $72.00. I know I am worthy of that (on a good year) but is Uncle Phil deserving? And doesn’t it encourage over drinking a bit?

I would like to see boxes with less slots. Make a 7-pack for a week of beer gift. Or a canned version that can hold 4 different 16oz cans.