A Stone Garage in Coedo

Now that there are two Surly Goats, I have to make sure to clarify when cool events are scheduled. So, at the WeHo branch on Santa Monica Boulevard, tomorrow night, the 28th you get the chance to try some unique Pacific Rim based breweries and Stone too.
Starting at 6PM with a brewer Get-together at 8PM, you can try the new collaboration brew Tsuyu Saison from the triumvirate of Coedo of Japan, Garage Project of New Zealand and Stone of the U.S. & Germany.

The new saison is “brewed with American Jarrylo and New Zealand Motueka hops, infused with ume plums and red perilla leaf, and aged in New Zealand chardonnay barrels; Tsuyu Saison is an enticing East-West fusion.”

After you sip through that you can talk to Haru Asagiri the owner and brewer of Coedo, Jos Ruffell and Pete Gillespie the founder and head brewer respectively of Garage Project.

The Goat will also be tapping: Coedo Beniaka (Japanese sweet potato Amber), Coedo Shiro (Hefeweizen), Garage Project Pernicious Weed (New Zealand Imperial Ale brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Rakau hops), Garage Project Umami Monster (Smoked Brown Ale brewed with fermented bonito flakes, kelp, and seawater), and two delicious Stone brews (TBA).