A Podcast & A Beer – You’re Wrong About

Since this month has been filled with divisiveness, I thought the title of this podcast was quite appropriate. You’re Wrong About hosted by Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes reconsiders the public perception of a person.

Be I think Princess Diana, O..J., or Jessica Simpson. The duo dives into the story and look at it in new ways.

This leads me to the beer. Personally, I think the name would be perfect for a beer podcast. Two hosts that disagree about beer (respectfully of course) and who combined make us all think differently about beer and pushes us from the opinion hills we have all set up camp on.

For me, this means thinking about sweetness in beer. Not a fan. But maybe in the realm of the milkshake and pastry is a beer that I would really like. Challenge yourself to find a beer style that you have pushed away and find a better version of it.