A Podcast & A Beer – KingCast

I have been reading Stephen King for way too long. Why my dad thought it was OK for me to read Pet Semetary as a pre-teen when we had cats and a dog is beyond me. I slept with one on on the cat for a few nights. The KingCast deep dives into the world of the horror and nostalgia master. Whose stories are still resonating today even if the current adaptation of The Stand isn’t lighting the world on fire.

The podcast does meander a bit and the guests, though eclectic, sometimes don’t seem to be King aficionados. But there are fun nuggets of King lore to be found.

With the resurgence of Black IPAs, that would be a good place to start. Dark and bitter. Lucky Luke and Common Space have local versions for us here in LA. Another good choice would be to have some Maine Beer Co. while you are listening, especially for any of the Castle Rock or Derry books. But what I would push for something like the AleSmith My Bloody Valentine Red Ale is out currently and is a perfect Misery beer.