A Podcast & A Beer – Gangster Capitalism

Staying at home has decreased my car time to listen to podcasts but here is one to try this month that is on my radar, Gangster Capitalism. The NRA is bound together with politics. I thought that nothing could tear that asunder, not even Ronald Reagan, paragon of Republicans, getting shot or children, whom Republicans claim to care about the life of, getting shot. But as this podcast has started to explain, there is something that can break that pairing up. Money.

No, this is not going to be a light-hearted romp or feel good story but I have the feeling I will learn some disturbing facts instead.

Since, I am firmly in the no gun camp, I am not going to go looking for clever hunting named beers. Instead, for beer pairing, I want you to look for breweries that have their own political agenda and have one of their beers. Eagle Rock Brewery here in L.A. is working to stop frivolous lawsuits since they were extortioned by one. Modern Times is very progressive on social issues. Or perhaps have something from Long Beach Beer Lab who are helping hospitals in their part of town since big business and government haven’t filled that gap. Be a Craft Beer SuperPAC.