A Podcast & A Beer – Binge Mode: Star Wars

If you want to go deep into the Star Wars universe after seeing Rise of Skywalker, then Binge Mode: Star Wars will give you all the info you desire.

From the horrible prequels to the stand-alone films, to the original trilogy and finally, the final three movies of the Skywalker Saga. The laughter is infectious and even though I didn’t like some of the movies as much as they did, it does bring back some of the childhood vitality that I remember from A New Hope that has been somewhat lost in subsequent films where money seemed a little more important. Which thankfully was found in time for Rise of Skywalker, my favorite of the new trilogy.

There are so many star systems and so many themes that can be chosen for beers to drink alongside this podcast and there bad Star Wars named beers aplenty. But I would suggest that you alternate from blonde ales (the light side) to dark lagers (the Sith way) because these podcasts are long and you will need session beers otherwise you might not make it to the end where they reveal the hero of each movie.