A New Way to Draft


You get a growler of beer and you now know that you are on the clock.  Once it is opened, you better make sure to get it in a glass before it goes flat.  Or you can get a kegerator and buy in bulk.  But then you better like that beer or have frequent parties so that you aren’t stuck with one beer for a month.

But if a new Kickstarter that starts in a little over a week gets funded for the Synek Draft System, then you can get the best of both worlds.

You get a special bag/bladder filled from your local and drop it into a container.  You drop that into a machine that will now dispense your beer.  Growler size with kegerator tech.  My only quibble is that it would be great to be able to re-use the bag instead of having it be one and done.

Check out the site and see if it will fit your needs.

(Maybe version 2.0 will have a randall device attached to it)