A Collaborative Only Brewery

There are plenty of interesting nuggets when reading about new nano brewery Horus Aged Ales. First and foremost is in the names from Kyle Harrop’s Oceanside brewery will be barrel-aged. Also the Southwestern logo.

What struck me though was the width and breadth of Harrop’s collaborations. Here is the list of past and future collaborators:

Courtyard Brewery of New Orleans
Homage Brewing of Pomona
Abnormal Beer Company of Rancho Bernardo
Alvarado Street Brewery of Monterey
El Segundo Brewing of (obviously) El Segundo)
Wren House Brewing of Phoenix
J. Wakefield Brewing of Miami
Great Notion Brewing of Portland
The Answer Brewpub of Richmond
White Fence Brewing of Vista
And finally… Rip Current Brewing of San Marcos

That will be quite the event if they can get all of those under one roof.

This long list led me to think about the possibility of a brewery just doing collaborations. Would that be feasible? Would you even need a brewery of your own? Would you package or have a tap room? What location would be prime for travel to and fro?