A Book & A Podcast – The Butterfly Effect

NPR and podcast fans know of Jon Ronson. A great storyteller and writer who for his next project tackles, porn.

The Butterfly Effect starts with technology altering the business of pornography and how that major change in distribution has affected lives downstream. There are stamp collections, an Italian priest and the State of Oklahoma making appearances in the episodes. Also, well, Pornhub too.

I could list of several horrible and sexist beer names for this post but instead, I am going to focus on the two places where the big events transpire plus one British cask ale that L.A. locals should look for.

1. Dieu du Ciel from Montreal where the journey begins with… “Aphrodite is a dark ale brewed with cocoa and vanilla beans. Its flavour profile offers dark chocolate, bourbon and roasted malt tones. Gentle sweetness from the vanilla harmonizes alongside the bitterness of cocoa, presenting a subtle and surprisingly balanced finish.”

2. San Fernando Brewing and their Stoney Point Stout, “A roasted American style stout with chocolate and coffee aroma; this beer takes its name from a favorite rock climbing destination in the northwest valley.”

3. From MacLeod, order up Cut & Dry, even those this series is anything but.