A Book & A Beer – George Lucas, A Life


I hesitated a bit in front of the biography of George Lucas by Brian Jay Jones. It is hefty and not due to photos from the sets of Star Wars. This book goes back to the beginning from Modesto through Skywalker Ranch.

Jones starts with Lucas as youngster as the son of a prosperous stationery store owner in Modesto. Reveals his racing car and mechanic roots and his breaks that got him into USC and film school at just the right time to befriend so many people crucial to his films.

It spares no feelings either. Lucas is shown with many warts here. Most notably in his personal relationships. But he is also shown as incredibly tenacious in his business. Willing to spend everything on not just one movie, but then the next and the next. If Star Wars had failed or Empire Strikes Back had not struck such a chord, checks would have come due.

This biography moves by quickly without feeling rushed. Jones could have gone down side alleys easily. But he pushes through so you can learn all manner of details about Lucas. His first marriage, how he interacted with studios, and tidbits about Star Wars.

To drink with this, it would have to be an #independent brewery. Lucas was fiercely protective of what he wanted to do and did not brook interference.

Start with Change Order IPA from Dust Bowl Brewing to get an idea of the area from whence Skywalker came and then move on to try either Holiday in Troy or Space XPA at L.A. Ale Works founded by an USC alum. Then finish with Faction Brewing and their Imperial Stout.