3rd Seed

The NBA Playoffs tip-off today and my Portland Trailblazers are sitting as the NW Division winners and the # 3 seed in the Western Conference. A much higher seed than I expected and in good position to make a run.

Instead of recommending specific beers to drink (because I am in Los Angeles and not Portland or New Orleans (our very worthy 1st round opponent), I cannot stroll down to any old beer shoppe and find city appropriate beers.

Instead here are some rules to follow for watching the playoffs, if you are not streaming on a device from your couch.

1. Wear your colors proudly – L.A. is a city of transplants and is very accustomed to rooting for a non-home team.

2. Don’t be an ass – Don’t bring up that the Clippers and Lakers missed the playoffs this year. Remember that next year, they might both be in and might win.

3. Tip generously and don’t nurse one drink – You don’t have to order beer after beer. You can switch to soda or water but remember that the seat you are in might be a better moneymaker without your butt in it.

4. Root your team on – But remember that you don’t want to be that guy who screams at every single positive play. If Nurk hammers down a dunk or Lillard drains a three at a key moment, then cool, otherwise be decibel respectful.