2nd Visit (x2) – Arrow Lodge & Alosta

Since my Mighty Linfield Wildcats were playing in Redlands under the lights, I thought it would be a good time to re-visit a couple breweries along the route.

I chose two within walking distance spots on the Arrow Highway, Alosta and Arrow Lodge. Here is a duo of 2nd visit reports…

I walk in and see that there are (3) spaces to sit (after I place my taster tray order).  You have the main room, a space to the side and then a weird outdoor area that looks to be just an ungraded outdoor space where tables and charis have just been plonked down onto.  Not quite a biergarten but I guess nice when the inside is loud.  Like any home, stuff accrues, for example the side room has two pinball machines flanking a TV. Well-worn chairs and tables on one side.  Couches the other. Outdoor lighting strung up.  Medals in shadow boxes, a bunch of games on a shelf.  The place needs a little interior design love.

The taster tray was a little tatty as well, but here are my quick reviews of the beers:

Highway 39 – super light yellow. Nice grain taste.  

Los Guerrero’s Mexican Lager – nice.  Little sweetness. Pear note

Hazebangers Ball IPA – nice initially. Not hazy at all. More IPL to me

1887 Tripel – close to what I like. A little too much menthol though.

Overall – Medium. Nothing off but nothing really sings either.

The Lodge is packed and loud but with activities taking precedence over TVs.  There is a tented area inside, complete with picnic table and fake campfire and chairs.  Who wouldn’t want to sit there? Lots of pinball sounds reverberating but only one TV.  The beer menu is a bit more adventurous and on the current trends.  Milkshake, hazy and pastry our on the board.  Multiple IPA 4-packs available most with $20 price tags.  The vibe here is more my style even with kids bopping around.

Cup of Ambition – weird, nutty, coconut cream pie no hops at all. Light end pastry stout

Dank Goodness – great Nelson aroma of Concord grape. Really nice. ABV shows itself.  Harsher, the more you drink

Roll With It – has that hazy look down. Pineapple and lactose. Thick tasting

After Hours – pastry stout. 11%abv. Chocolate big here.  Wicked sweet.  Coconut  aplenty, could not finish the taster.

Final ScoreLinfield 19 vs University of Redlands 27 – thanks to injuries and a shyster ref who thinks forward passes are fumbles.