2nd Visit – All Season Brewing

I have swung by All Season Brewing a couple of times since they opened but I finally went inside for the first time!

Chicas Tacos has a cool set-up. Nice wide open space.  Skee Ball though, what is it good for? The big cut-outs of brewer Erick Garcia which are fun to see and the tank farm behind the bar is cool as well.

I also like the green and wood accented bar.  They could probably lean more into the car theme with decorations as they do with the beer names. Though they did have a car repair show on TV.

Interesting to see which beers have kicked.  Is it due to small amounts or it was popular on Friday.  English Pale Ale, hazy pale, hazy IPA and an amber lager.

Cold Start – CIPA – yellow/orange in color.  Crisp and piney.  A bit 1D to me. But it does hit the CIPA mark.

Bullitt – had once before the awards started rolling in. Big piney bitterness.  Touch of citrus sweet as well. Has an old-school feel to it.