(2) Stone Collaborations

I had the great fortune to sample both the current and future Stone Collaborative brews recently. I had the Green Tea IPA while watching the Women’s World Cup Final on Sunday and thought it was a little too tannic and a little too alcohol forward. The hops and the tea just fought each other in my opinion. The appearance and aroma are the strengths of this beer.

The Cherry Chocolate Stout was shared a day later with my beer buddy Richard and it was less alcoholic by 2%! There was an interesting sour, tart cherry taste of this dark brown brew. But the chocolate was non-existent. I would take this over this Green Tea. But I would have liked to get at least a touch of chocolate to bridge the gap of cherry to stout.

Both were interesting experiments that were just a touch off to my palate though I am sure there are people who are going to love these offerings.

2 Replies to “(2) Stone Collaborations”

  1. I haven’t had the Green Tea IPA yet, but I got a really nice chocolate aftertaste on the The Cherry Chocolate Stout.

  2. I’m glad that you found the chocolate. Maybe the cherry notes (good as they were) covered up the chocolate on my palate. Hope you like the Green Tea.

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