(2) Exciting bits of Blog news

I know that blogs are the home of the wacky ideas and chronicles of weird adventures. Well, I am hopping into the pool as well. Inspired in part by the Julie and Julia movie that recently opened, I will be pulling my own beer stunts.

First, the day after Thanksgiving while everyone is out shopping, I will be drinking one holiday ale (or lager) a day. Up to and including Christmas, the regular posts will cease and in their place a thorough review of a holiday beer. Anchor’s Our Special Ale, Ebeneezer from Bridgeport and any other holiday themed brews on the market.

Then in 2010 (supplies willing), I will embark on a beer from all 50 states tour. Being in California, I will have to special order and ship in beers so the end date of this project is uncertain. But what I aim to do is show that we are truly blessed in America to have a wide range of great beers.

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